Introduction to STATA

This course is designed for those wishing to know how to get familiar with Stata, to enter, modify, present data, produce simple summary statistics and data management using Stata
It also covers basic statistical theory and an introduction to some of the most frequently used data-analysis techniques.
You will receive copies of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentations and suggested reading lists which can be provided by DEPOCEN.

Course Content:

Following an overview of the main features of Stata and an introduction to essential terminology, you will proceed logically through the following:

Lecture 1: Getting started with Stata  (Download: Slide and Data)

    * Stata structure
    * Data type
    * Stata’ documentation and help
    * Conventions and Working directory

Lecture 2: Data management

    * Using log file
    * Creating a new dataset
    * Importing data from other programs
    * Generating and replacing variables
    * Converting between Numeric and String formats
    * Using functions
    * Specifying subsets of the data: in and if qualifiers
    * egen and recode commands
    * Combining two or more Stata files
    * Managing memory
    * Creating random data and random samples
    * Using explicit Subscripts with variables (_n, _N)

Lecture 3: Descriptive statistics (summarize, tabulate)

    * Some of commands used in this lecture: summarize, tabulate, tabstat,tab1, tab2, table.
    * Summarizing and tabulating statistics
    * Processing missing values
    * Export data

Lecture 4: Introduction to Graphs and Overview of programming

    * Histogram
    * Using Graph twoway (scatter, line plot, bar plot) and combining graphs
    * Graph matrix
    * Box plot
    * Graph pie
    * Overview of programming (do file, macros, loops)

Course Instructor:
Doan Quang Hung is the instructor of the course. He is an experienced expert in using Stata. He has used Stata for lots of surveys conducted by Depocen and other institutions.

Preparatory Reading:
The following are recommended as background reading that will help participants to understand and get the most out of this course:
   1. Stata User’s Guide Release 9, Stata Press, 2005
   2. Statistics with Stata, Lawrence C. Hamilton, Curt Hinrichs Publisher, 2006
   3. Getting Started with Stata for Windows, Stata Press, 2005


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