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Productivity and Innovation

Innovation has long been considered an important factor for creating and maintaining the competitiveness of nations and firms, one of the key ingredients in a developing country’s growth strategy to catch up to the more developed economies. We are focusing on the following central research questions:

  1. What are the key characteristics of national, regional and sectoral innovation systems that are conducive for firm’s productivity, competitiveness and innovation.
  2. What are the determinants of innovation and productivity at the firm level? What is the relationship between firm productivity and innovation?
  3. Are specific innovation policies needed and, if so, how can they be designed to be incentive-based?


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  6. Anh Ngoc Nguyen & Nguyen Thang & Le Dang Trung & Ngoc Quang Pham & Chuc Dinh Nguyen & Nhat Duc Nguyen, 2008. "Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam: Is There Any Evidence Of Technological Spillover Effects," Working Papers 18, Development and Policies Research Center (DEPOCEN), VietnamClick here to download!

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