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Governance, Social Capital and Social Norms

The program focuses on the following questions:

  1. How do different institutional settings and their changes influence economic outcomes at micro level (firms, households and individuals), meso level (industry, region, provinces) and macro levels (national economic growth between countries)? Institution could be extractive and inclusive so what can be done to improve the institution?
  2. How do social capital, social values and social norms influence economic outcomes and the choices and behaviors of individuals, firms and households

During the last decade, DEPOCEN has been pursuing a number of specific research projects on governance and social capital issues. These include questions of access to information, institutional reform and development, inequalities, national integrity study, financial and economic governance, land management, and anti-corruption.

National Integrity Project:

The first National Integrity Study for Vietnam was conducted in 2006 by the Transparency International. In 2012, DEPOCEN was commissioned by Transparency International and Toward Transparency Vietnam to conduct a more comprehensive and deeper analysis using a more updated methodological framework. National Integrity System consists of 13 key pillars that are the key governance institutions. For further details of the project, click here.

Social capital survey project:

Social capital is now recognized an important fabric of a well-functioning society. In 2013, DEPOCEN conducted the first ever social capital survey in the business households and business retailers. The survey is built upon the SOCAT Instrument designed by the World Bank and adapted to the situation to the retail sector in Vietnam.


  1. Eduardo K. Araral & Vu Minh Khuong & Anh Nguyen Ngoc, 2011."Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of Public Administration, Management and Governance: What Can Vietnam Learn from International Experience?", Project support for formulation of socio-economic development strategy 2011 - 2020, UNDP, License for Publication: 161-2011/cxb/172-07/LĐ. Click here to download!

  2. Cuong Le Van & Anh Nguyen Ngoc & Nguyen Ngoc Minh, 2014. "Growth Strategy with Social Capital and Physical Capital - Theory and Evidence, The Case of Vietnam", CES Working paper. Click here to download!

  3. Anh Nguyen Ngoc & Nguyen Ngoc Minh & Binh Tran Nam, 2016. "Corruption and economic growth, with a focus on Vietnam"
  4. Anh Nguyen Ngoc & Doan Quang Hung & Nguyen Ngoc Minh & Binh Tran Nam, 2016. "The impact of petty corruption on firm innovation in Vietnam"
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